“Good Mood” Tea Mix


From the “Good Mood” tea mixture, you can prepare a pleasantly mild flavoured tea that boosts your mood. The ingredients of the tea are mint, calendula, rose hip, cornflower and rosebay willowherb. The tea is completely natural, with no added flavour or fragrance enhancers.

The tea carries the “Real product of Saaremaa” quality mark.
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  1. Peppermint leaves soothe pain and reduce nausea and gas formation.
  2. Calendula has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and choleretic properties, and also relieves stomach, liver and spleen disorders.
  3. Rosehip helps with fatigue and anaemia.
  4. Cornflower is a well-known medicinal plant – a decoction of its stems is used as a means to promote urine and bile secretion, as well as for eye compresses.
  5. Rosebay willow herb is a good source of vitamins A and C.
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