7 reasons to use Wösel Apple Vinegars

Wösel Apple Vinegars

Apple cider vinegar is full of beneficial properties for humans. Wösel Apple Vinegars, in particular, are worth consuming. What makes them so special?

1. Wösel vinegars are unfiltered

This means that the pectin, or fibre, in the apple juice remains in the vinegar. Fibres ensure proper digestion.

2. Wösel vinegars are unpasteurised

This means that Wösel vinegar is a living product and the acetic acid bacteria, or vinegar mother, it contains has not been killed by heat treatment.

3. Wösel vinegars contain a vinegar mother

This means that Wösel’s hand-crafted vinegars are high quality living products, the kind of cider vinegars that mankind has valued for thousands of years for their health benefits. The vinegar ‘mother’ is the lump shaped mass at the bottom of the bottle and should not be feared. The presence of a vinegar mother indicates the viability of the product.

4. Wösel’s classic apple cider vinegars do not contain any added sugar or other sweeteners.

The acidity of classic apple cider vinegar is obtained from the fermentation of the naturally occurring sugars in apple juice, it does not contain any added sugars or honey, which would alter the flavour and acidity content.

For example, Wösel’s Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey only has a little honey added. Honey does not sweeten the product, but slightly increases the acidity and gives it a slight floral aftertaste and pleasant aroma.

5. The apple juice pressed to make Wösel vinegars is Nordic and of high quality.

Wösel vinegars are made from 100% Saaremaa island apples.

6. Wösel hand-crafted vinegars taste great

Wösel’s apple cider vinegars are ideal for use in health drinks, to lengthen a cocktail, and in a variety of delicious dishes and marinades, the recipes for which can also be found on this website.

7. Wösel cider vinegars are 100% hand-crafted.

Wösel’s vinegar masters guarantee the high quality of the vinegar, as each barrel has received special care and attention.

You can read more about the beneficial properties of apple cider vinegar here:

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