What is Shrub and what is it used for?

Virgin Mojito Shrub Drink Base

One of our most popular products is also our most confusing product. What is Shrub? What can be made with it? What is it used for? Let’s talk a bit about Shrub.

Shrub is a beverage with a long history, with roots extending to the Middle East. Initially, Shrub was introduced because of the need to preserve fresh fruit. At first glance, the quirky name comes from the Arabic word ‘sharab’ – to drink, for drinking. Over time, Shrub became a much-loved drink base, being particularly popular in colonial America.

Shrub can be used in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It is great for making a refreshing and energising non-alcoholic drink, but alcoholic cocktail masters love Shrub too. For those who enjoy a warmer drink, Shrub can be used to make a warming tea. And, of course, for anyone looking for a proper injection of health, a little sip a day goes a long way to keeping the doctor away!

A few recipes on how to use Shrub (you can also find the recipes on the bottle):

🍹Invigorating soft drink: * 50 ml Wösel Shrub * ice * 250 ml water (sparkling or still)🍸A proof drink: * 60 ml Wösel Shrub * 40 ml Gin * ice * 250 ml sparkling waterA warming tea: * 40 ml Wösel Shrub * 250 ml warm water
Ginger-Honey-Lemon Shrub

The assortment includes four different flavours:

Everyone will find something to suit their tastes! Shrubs are also unheated, so they retain all their vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

FIND SHRUBS IN OUR WEBSTORE: https://wosel.ee/eo/products/shrub-drink-bases/

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